Erosode Media also specializes in music arrangements for Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and other artists. We also have mastering engineers on board to mix your vocals and music to perfection. In addition, we host mixtapes!

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Black Apple

We use Logic Studio to do all of our compositions and mixing.

We employ a number of techniques to work with all of our clients specific equipment types when mixing.

Here are our rates per song:

$100 - Basic Mixing

(which includes)

  • Chorus Mixing
  • 3 Layer Mixing

$250 - Premium

  • Chorus
  • Drops (for mixtapes)
  • 5-10 Layers of vocals
  • Various Effects

$400 - Ultra

  • Chorus
  • Drops
  • Unlimited Layers of vocals
  • Various Effects

$600 - Mixtape Mixing (20 song max; $20 per additional song)

 This includes drops, various effects, and 3-5 layers of vocals per song.